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Start living from your passive income

Working hard does not necessarily mean that your financial future will be secured, but having more than one income source makes financial security more likely. If you aim one day to have the life you always desired you need to start planning how you will get there. Buying a property in Spain to rent out will give you the opportunity to have an alternative, secure income source which will be working for you even while you sleep!  

Understanding the process of buying-to-rent property in Spain is the first thing you must learn about before making any decision to invest. Inverasset offers you an online master course where you will learn, at no cost, the principles of buying a property in Spain. Furthermore, Inverasset provides a full property management service, including a comprehensive property report where you can see all areas in detail including technical, legal and commercial aspects. Thus, you will know in advance not only the buying costs, but also how much you will need to spend in order to get your property rented out. This will include costs that might not otherwise be immediately apparent. but which would be discovered later. In this way you can focus on the final result of your investment, save time, knowing in advance the total amount of your investment, and confident that you are getting the best help from someone local. 

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Average net yield

6% Net Yield on Average

The net yield is the percentage obtained by discounting all expenses before taxes.

Guaranted payment

Guaranteed Payment

With the non-payment insurance, you will not have to worry about whether the tenant pays, because the payment will be guaranteed.

property management

Property Management

We manage with dedication all the legal, technical and commercial aspects of all your properties.

Founder & CEo

In 2006 I discovered what was to become my passion. Born in a village in the province of Alicante with only 1000 inhabitants, something told me that my future lay in the real estate sector and I launched myself into this sector without delay. Working as a freelancer, I felt in love with real estate and I set up my first real estate project, known as Gabytaix,

Just as things were going really well for me, the 2008 real estate crisis came along and I learned the lessons that would later guarantee my success.

I continued my education studying Digital Marketing, Home Staging, and Real Estate Management. This studying combined with more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector have , without a doubt, given me the tools and knowledge necessary to value and successfully undertake real estate investment projects.

I am currently the founder and CEO of 3 companies: TÚ Property In Spain which is focussed in real estate, a construction company known as TU Reforma En Alicante, and Inverasset, a company that specialises in real estate investments offering a unique and innovative service using big data in order to provide certainty at all times.

How it works

How it works

Get to know in detail how Inverasset works.



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Some of our projects

Gross yield average:

Located in the neighbourhood  of Carolinas Bajas, Alicante. A property with a nice terrace is always easy to rent, although a touch of a more actual style increase the chances to get a better yield plus good tenants.

Gross yield average:


Net yield average:


Gross yield average:

Located in the neighborhood of San Blas: large rooms, kitchen, 2 patios, balcony and many possibilities. This property offers a great yield plus a high property value in 4-5 years.

Gross yield average:


Net yield average:


Gross yield average:

After we gave it a modern touch; it did not just makes renting easier, but also allows for maximum returns. This penthouse is located in the neighborhood of Carolinas Bajas.

Gross yield average:


Net yield average:


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