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Do I have to provide a payment method?

Do I have to make any commitment if I register?

Why do I have to register with Inverasset?

I want to invest

How do I know that the property I bought is the one I reserved?

How do I know that it is free of charges and liens?

How do I know that I will buy the property in the same condition as when I booked it?

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How do I know the tenant will pay the rent?

How is default insurance registered?

What does the insurance of non-payment cover?

I want to register

No. The registration process is completely free and will remain so for life.

No. There is no commitment, you may unsubscribe at any time.

Inverasset is a platform for investors; therefore, it is necessary to register as an investor to have access to the property opportunities available.

I want to invest

At the signing of the deposit contract, the “note simple” of the property will be provided. In the “note simple” you can find the register number that identifies, unequivocally way, the property that you have reserved.

In the case of the purchase of the property by means of a power of attorney, we will include the details of the property that we have reserved by means of a deposit contract or “contrato de arras”. It is the obligation of the notary to ensure and guarantee that the property which appears in the power of attorney is the one that is finally acquired by the buyer via the person that represents him/her on the day of the signature at the notary.

At the signing of the deposit contract we always provide the “note simple” where the information about whether the property has charges and/or liens comes. In case there are any charges and/or encumbrances these must appear in the deposit contract together with the promise of the seller to sell the property free of any charges and/or encumbrances.

In addition, the power of attorney granted by the buyer to his representative will specifically state that the purchase must be made with the property free of any liens and/or encumbrances, the notary being ultimately responsible for ensuring and guaranteeing that this is carried out.

On the same day as the signing of the purchase agreement before the notary you will be able to see the property in real time by means of a virtual visit and thus carry out any last- minute checks.

Inverasset’s technical team develops a report where it specifies the actions to be taken in order to rent the property not only in optimal conditions but also in the shortest time possible.

Our reports specify the reasons why each and every one of the actions must be done.

The opportunities are closed investment products and therefore the package is bought on the marketed conditions. In Inverasset we decide the reasons for the renovations depending on the state of the property, profitability and expected occupation.

Not carrying out the renovations can lead to a considerable alteration in the expected profitability.

When the buyer does not appear at the notary in person, the purchase is made by means of a power of attorney, and it is the obligation of the notary to guarantee that the purchase is made in accordance with the terms of the power of attorney.

The power of attorney will be reviewed by the buyer before it is used, so once the terms have been checked and accepted, the purchase cannot be made in any other way. Additionally, Inverasset has a civil liability insurance of up to 1,200,000 euros to respond to any incidents that may occur.

Inverasset was created as an alternative to the usual purchase process. We carry out all the work regarding: the commercial study of the property to obtain the profitability; the technical study to ensure that the property meets all the necessary technical conditions, and the legal study up to the purchase of the property by power of attorney.

However, the investor can be present at the notary to sign deeds if he wishes to make the purchase in person, with or without a legal representative.

At Inverasset we know how important it is for the purchase process to be transparent, and it is for this reason that Inverasset works with independent law firms, chosen for their background and impeccable reputation.

However, if you wish, you can carry out the purchase process with a legal representative of your choice.

The power of attorney entitles the person representing the investor to pick up the bank check from a Spanish bank and hand it in at the notary’s office. The bank check will always be made out to the seller and cannot legally be used for any other purpose than that for which it is intended. Inverasset will guarantee that the purchase process complies with all legal guarantees and protection for the buyer. Additionally, Inverasset has a civil liability insurance of up to 1,200,000 euros to respond to any incident that may occur.

The returns indicated by each property opportunity are based on the commercial study of the property which takes into account as main elements: the total amount of the investment; a study of the local area; competition and demand in the market. An analysis of these main elements will determine the suggested rent.

However, INVERASSET does not guarantee the expected profitability since it may increase or decrease depending on the real estate market.

Inverasset, through its official, carefully selected, partners will regulate, by contract, the property management services. Our goal is to be by your side and do the hard work for you, so that you can focus on seeing your money grow while you relax. Additionally, if you decide to cancel the property management contract, we understand that you will have your reasons and as much as it would pain us to see you leave, you will be able to do so.

You can find this information in the file for each property opportunity.

Each step of the purchase process is carefully designed to give the maximum legal guarantees of purchase, you can see more info clicking here to our ‘How it works’ page.

The contract will specify the period for execution of the renovation work, and if this period is exceeded the renovation contractor will answer financially to the investor.

The budget will be capped and therefore Inverasset will take responsibility for any additional costs for the work specified, provided that the increase is not considered to be due to hidden defects, or additional work that has been requested by you, but not budgeted for. 

The average time it takes to rent a property is one month. However, it depends on various factors, with the rental price, and supply and demand at the time the property comes on the market being the main factors.

Inverasset uses a rating system (property score) that scores from 1 to 10 for each property opportunity, so you will know if it fits more or less according to your profile and objectives. To know the meaning of each rating click here.

If you are not a resident in Spain, please click HERE to access the document ‘If I am not a resident in Spain’.*

The partners for Inverasset’s legal assistance are totally independent lawyers chosen for their reputation and professional career.

In Inverasset we take very seriously the legal security of all investors who trust us to make their purchases. For this reason we guarantee the independence of the legal service by choosing our partners meticulously.

Yes. Inverasset is attached to Notarial Arbitration which means that selling or buying with us is done with total legal security and peace of mind. By submitting the deposit contract to Notarial Arbitration we will be guaranteeing that everything agreed in the deposit contract will be fulfilled.

I have already invested

Once the property has been purchased, Inverasset will prepare the property for rent. We will look for tenants until one passes the filters of the insurance company that guarantees the payment of the rent in the event of non-payment by the tenant. The insurance company will assume the payment for the month or months (with a maximum of 12 months) until the restoration of the payments or the eviction of the tenant.

Currently, it takes an average of 7 months to carry out the complete process of eviction of tenants.

All court costs for the eviction of the tenant through the court system, if necessary, are also included in the insurance against non-payment. Additionally, the owner has coverage for damages to the property of up to 3,000 euros.

After an exhaustive selection process by Inverasset we send the documentation of the possible tenant to the insurance company. Once the insurance company authorises the tenant, we proceed to sign the rental contract and register the insurance against non-payment simultaneously.

The insurance of non-payment will cover up to 12 months of non-payment by the tenant, up to 3,000 euros of damage to the property and all legal expenses until the tenant is evicted.

Although it is not possible to calculate precisely, since the non-payment rent is reported to the insurance company the average time for eviction of the tenant is usually around 7 months.

Inverasset pays the rent on the 10th day of each month, unless the tenant has not paid the rent, at which point we initiate a friendly complaint to the tenant, and in the event that this is not effective, we will go to court.

In the event of non-payment, the insurance company will be responsible for paying the rent to the investor.

Inverasset’s property management services cover the management of rent collection and the resolution of any incidents with the tenant.

As part of our property management service at Inverasset, we have a team to carry out maintenance work on the properties and/or emergency work, as long as it is not covered by the home insurance or by the non-payment insurance.

The insurance of non-payment insurance covers up to 3,000 euros for any damage that the tenant intentionally does to the property.

As part of our property management service, Inverasset will immediately search for the next tenant, at no extra cost.