Property score

To obtain the property score we calculate a weighted average using the following values.

Condition of the house: In ruins (very bad) = 1; Recently renovated or new build (very good) = 10.

Condition of the communal areas: Lack of proper maintenance, humidity problems or similar (very bad) = 1; State of conservation and cleaning is excellent or is a new construction (very good) = 10.

Condition of the building façade: Serious problems due to lack of maintenance (very bad) = 1; Perfect state of conservation, both aesthetic and technical (very good) = 10. 

Neighbourhood: High crime rate and/or the neighbourhood is suffering severe socio-economic degradation (very bad) = 1; The neighborhood is well connected to the rest of the city, is safe and its socio-economic level is optimal (very good) = 10.

Location (with respect to proximity to premium areas): Isolated (very bad) = 1; In a premium area or very close (very good) = 10.

Forecast increase in value per square metre: No increase in price per square metre is expected (very bad) = 1; Significant future projected increase in value (very good) = 10.